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every single child with all of their potential to spread love and peace through out the world. This is the stuff that hope is made of and this is the potential we all have the opportunity to foster. Every child is God’s holy child. Every human being is made in the image of the creator. Every human life is worthwhile. Every human being deserves dignity. No child deserves to starve or die from lack of simple antibiotics. And no person deserves to live in war and hate and hostility and fear.

What would the world be like? If we all knew for just one day that when we hate another we hate ourselves, when we harm another we harm ourselves, when we disrespect another we spit in the face of the Christ What would the world be like if we could hold on the kind of thought that immersed our mind in peace?

In this Advent season let us make straight the way and clear a path for peace in every way we can…large and small. Because every bit of effort we put toward peace in ourselves, between those we know, in the institutions and companies within which we work… all of these things move us forward closer

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